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Accessories Co., Ltd

JC is a factory specializing in the manufacture and sales of accessories. Our factory is located in Lishui, China, where more than 150 employees work at the same time.

We have an office in Yiwu to cooperate with many designers. There are also many sales and purchasing personnel in the direct store of Yiwu International Trade Market. We can not only provide production support for you, but also help you, You can also find other products made in China for you.

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& Good quality

Wechat is recommended for better communication. If you can't use wechat in your area, you can also try WhatsApp. Of course, you can also use email. For more product information. We will try our best to serve you and produce your order. Continuous tracking of product quality.

We have prepared an electronic sample book for our customers, which contains the most frequently used product photos of our customers. It is free and convenient. But if you need our express samples, we can also provide free samples. This may result in the cost of delivery still need to be paid by yourself. Samples are free of charge, logistics costs.

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What can we do for you

Collaborate and Win Together.

The most complete style

We have more than 2000 sets of molds, and
are continuously developing new styles. Our
products allow you to quickly occupy the

Offices in multiple locations

Our purchasing staff work in many cities. We
can get market information as soon as possible
and share it with you to make suggestions for
your purchasing plan.

Rapid production capacity

We have one core factory, three self owned
electroplating factories and several third-party
cooperative factories. So we can finish all the
orders quickly and deliver the goods on time.